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Mini Excavators

The Bobcat line of mini excavators is a perfect example of our approach to design: never stop making it better. Our excavators are designed to deliver strong performance in a compact machine to put operators and owners in charge of laborsaving strength and productivity. With a wide range of attachments to choose from, your Bobcat excavator is not just a digging machine; it’s a versatile tool carrier.

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0–1t Mini Excavators

Our most compact machine are amazingly nimble, versatile and reliable machines that can work just about anywhere while packing a surprising amount of power, rivalling bigger competitors.

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1–2t Mini Excavators

Bobcat’s dependable 1-2-tonne Mini Excavator range gives you the tools to get the job done. It combines the best digging performance and breakout forces with smooth and quick movement, plus an excellent working range to boost your efficiency.

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2–3t Mini Excavators

Our 2-3t excavators are a step up from their smaller siblings in terms of power and hydraulic performance, while retaining all of the trasnportability. Perfect for mid-size job sites and applications when you need a bit more oomph then our smallest machines provide.

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3–4t Mini Excavators

Bobcat's 3-4t excavators hit a sweet spot for many applications with plenty of hydraulic power and digging force in a compact footprint for easy transportation. Add easy maintenance and our signature durability and you have a group of do-it-all machines.

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4–6t Mini Excavators

Bobcat's 4-6t Mini Excavators are built around the operator and provide the answers to all questions posed by your business by sucessfully blending high performance with smooth, intuitive controls and first-class comfort.

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